Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Using A Hydrovac Service For Your Excavation Project

by Penny Ferguson

Homeowners that are needing to have a trench dug or other types of excavation work done may not be aware of the different techniques and options that will be available. Hydrovac can be one solution to these needs that can be especially easy for a homeowner to overlook.

How Do Hydrovac Services Differ From Traditional Excavation Techniques?

When using hydrovac services for your excavation needs, it is important to understand how these services will differ from other more traditional solutions. Hydrovac services will have a specialized truck that has a large reservoir of water. This will allow for a powerful jet of water to be used to break up the soil that is needing to be removed, and a powerful vacuum will remove it from the trench. One advantage of this method of excavation is that it can be extremely accurate, which can be ideal for situations where small trenches are needed to install piping wires or other buried components.

Can A Hydrovac Be Used On Soil That Is Mostly Clay?

Soil that is rich with clay can be among the more difficult types to excavate using traditional methods due to the hardness and weight of the clay. Luckily, hydrovacs can be extremely effective in these situations. The jet of water that is used during this work will be strong enough to cut through and break up the clay that is in the soil so that it can be vacuumed away. However, this method of excavating will have its limits. For example, this method may not be effective if you are needing to remove large rocks as the jet of water is unlikely to be strong enough to be able to break away these rocks.

Will You Have To Manually Dispose Of The Dirt Produced By This Type Of Excavation Work?

Any type of excavation project will result in a large amount of dirt that will need to be managed. However, this can be extremely easy for those that use hydrovac services for this work as the soil that is being removed will be vacuumed out of the trench and moved to a storage tank. As a result, there will be far less cleanup that is needed following the completion of this work. If your excavation project is especially large, it may take multiple trips as the hydrovac truck may need to be emptied, but this can still be among the faster excavation solutions even when this is considered.


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