Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Where to Place Portable Restrooms in Summer

by Penny Ferguson

Summer is a popular time to rent portable restrooms, as they're needed at festivals, events, remote parks, and construction sites. If you're renting one or more portable restrooms this summer, carefully consider where they'll be placed. These tips will help you find the best possible location for them.

Flat and Dry Ground 

The ground that a portable restroom is placed on should be flat and dry. It needs to be flat so that the restroom doesn't tip, and it needs to be dry so that the restroom doesn't sink into the ground.

This usually isn't an issue in an urban area, where there are typically plenty of sidewalks and streets that have concrete or paved surfaces. Finding a flat and dry place also isn't a problem in many of the more arid areas of the country.

If you're in a remote place and your region gets a lot of rain, though, finding a flat and dry place can be a bit of a challenge. Look for a slightly elevated surface that water will naturally flow away from when it rains. Alternatively, a place with crushed stone could work well if the surface is graded so that it's flat. 

If no suitable place can be found, you can create a location for a portable restroom with woodchips. Woodchips can be easily graded so that they're flat, and water will quickly drain from them into the ground below.

Shaded Location

An ideal location for a portable restroom that's used during summer will also be shaded. If there's not a flat and dry place that's well-shaded, at least look for an area that gets some shade during the hottest times of the day.

Most portable restrooms are made from plastic and they aren't actively ventilated. Although there are vents at the top of the restroom, these passive vents have limited air exchanges because they don't come with a fan that passes air through them. 

Since the air in a portable restroom isn't ventilated, these restrooms can get hot on warm summer days. As the sun beats down on the plastic exterior, the interior heats up. The heat isn't able to escape as fast as it warms up. Placing a portable restroom in a shaded area will help reduce how much a portable restroom heats up throughout the day. Even if the shade only falls on the restroom during the afternoon, this simple consideration can make a big difference in how hot the inside of the restroom gets.

If you need mobile restroom rental for an event this summer, talk to a portable restroom rental company in your area.


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