Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

What Will A Bail Bondsman Do For You?

by Penny Ferguson

Whether you can afford to pay full bail or not, you want to do what you can to make your legal situation more positive. Once you or a loved one are behind bars, the time is ticking as to whether you can get out or not. When you have bail posted, which is a monetary amount that must be paid in order for you to get out of jail, this means you're being given a chance to be fre until trial, but it comes at a price.

Your bail bondsman is a person who acts like a lender of sorts for your legal situation. You need this individual in order to get yourself or a loved one out of jail so you can prepare for court. Here are things your bail bondsman will do for you.

Get the amount of bail needed to get out for you

Just because a bail amount is set at a certain amount of money doesn't mean it all must be paid upfront. A percentage of your bail is paid up front, and then the remainder is paid if you fail to show up at court later. The larger the bail, the more money must be paid up front to get out of jail, so it's important to take the bail amount seriously. Your bail bondsman will help pay this larger upfront amount. If you don't have the funds to pay the bail fee upfront, they can offer the difference on a payment plan to you as long as you show some promise to pay.

Get the money processed in the correct ways

It's hard to know just who is supposed to take the legal tender to get you out of bail. Your bail bondsman has this down and will easily and quickly pay the necessary fees to get you out of jail faster so you can be on your way. This way, you can be paid up through the courts legally and all you have to do is continue to make payments to your bail bondsman and show up at court on your required days to avoid further fees.

You may still get more court fees and fines as part of your sentencing, and just because a bail bondsman bails you out of jail doesn't mean you are free of your charges. It simply means you are being given an opportunity to get out of jail sooner so you can settle your situation.


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