Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Improve The Conditions Of Your Commercial Parking Lot

by Penny Ferguson

Standing water draws mosquitoes and subjects your patrons and employees to getting their footwear muddy whenever they walk across the commercial lot that your business is located on. If you haven't had time to have the parking area paved yet, another way to counteract wet surfaces and insects plus improve the appearance of your property is by installing gravel in areas where puddles normally form. 

Cleaning And Leveling Should Be Performed First

If the parking area hasn't been tended to lately, there may be trash on the ground and surfaces that are uneven. Gravel will assist with drainage, but it is still necessary to level out the parking lot as much as you can. Topsoil is a material that can be used to fill in deep crevices and holes.

After picking up trash, twigs, and leaves, purchase a couple bags of topsoil and use a wheelbarrow to transport the soil to the areas that you would like to address. Use a spade or a shovel to transfer the soil from each bag to the crevices and holes. Pack the soil down until the lot's surface is firm.

Reduce cleanup efforts in the future by adding a couple small trash can to the lot so that visitors and staff members can throw away cups, snack wrappers, and other waste that they are carrying. Perform branch clipping and raking duties on weekends or have your maintenance person address these tasks during their work shifts.

Gravel Will Increase Traction

Crushed stone, washed clean stone chips, pea gravel, and marble chips are some common gravel varieties. If you are mainly concerned with puddling and muddy conditions, a standard gray gravel variety will get the job done. If you are somewhat concerned with the curb appeal of your property, choose a fancier style of gravel, such as granite or marble pieces.

The lighter color will give the ground a pristine look. Spread gravel across the parking lot's surface. The layer of gravel should be a few inches thick. When it rains, droplets of water will be dispersed through the cracks between adjacent gravel pieces and will seep into the ground.

Traction improvements will also be evident. If your business is located in an area that is prone to icy or snowy conditions, the gravel will prevent precipitation from creating  smooth, slick surface, once it hit the grounds. Instead, motorists will have an easier time entering and exiting the premises.

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