Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Three Easy Ways To Lower Your Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

by Penny Ferguson

Most consumers are always looking for ways to keep summer air conditioning costs at reasonable levels, especially now that summer temperatures seem to be increasing. If you're like most homeowners, you already know about certain ways to reduce your air conditioning bills, such as having cool roofs and extra attic insulation installed, as well as having windows and doors sealed tightly to prevent cool air from escaping from the home interior when outdoor temperatures soar. However, not every energy saving strategy has to involve going to the expense of having something installed. Read the following three tips if you're interested in easy ways to keep air conditioning costs low this summer. 

Cook Outside

Enjoying dinner on the patio or deck is a quintessential summer activity, and what could be easier than grilling dinner outdoors and pairing it with a freshly made salad and a deliciously cold beverage? Cooking on kitchen stoves raises interior temperatures and makes air conditioning systems work much harder. Give your AC a break as often as possible, and enjoy al fresco meals when temperatures are high. 

Close the Curtains and Blinds in the Morning 

Heat builds up during the day when the sun is allowed to stream in through windows, so provide an extra layer of protection by closing curtains in the morning. Your AC system won't have to work nearly as hard, and as an added benefit, your furniture, walls, and flooring will be protected against degradation from harmful UV rays.

This is particularly important for south and west facing windows, as well as any windows that aren't shaded by overhangs, trees, or shrubbery. To optimize the heat-repelling effect of sunlight coming through windows, use blinds or curtains that reflect light instead of those made from dark colors that will absorb heat. 

Get an Air Filter Subscription

Because summer is such a busy season, many homeowners simply forget about money-saving strategies such as keeping changing their AC filters on a regular basis. Not only does changing the filter help keep your AC system running more efficiently, it also helps keep your indoor air as free as possible from airborne particulates that can create respiratory distress, such as pollen, pet dander, dust, and fungal spores. Air filter subscription services ensure that air filters arrive at your home when the time comes to change them, thus taking the element of human error completely out of the picture. 


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