Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

3 Reasons Implementing Health-Conscious Employee Programs Is Good For Your Business

by Penny Ferguson

Programs to help employees kick bad habits like consuming sugary foods and drinks, stop-smoking classes and support in the workplace, and even friendly weight-loss challenges all seem like good ways to keep your group of business employees healthy. All of these programs are for sure for the greater overall health of your workforce, but there are also other advantages that do not immediately come to light when you implement these programs as a business owner. Take a look at just a few of the advantages that can be reaped by providing health-conscious employee programs for your business workforce. 

1. Get everyone in the workforce more excited about being a part of the group. 

On the surface, programs at work that are focused on keeping the employees healthy look like something good on an individual level only. However, these programs are actually an excellent way to help build employee connections throughout the entire group of people who participate in the programs you create. Like-minded individuals who have similar health goals in mind will form bonds that carry over into the typical workday and having employees who can collaborate together as a team is always an important thing to have in any workplace. 

2. Get discounted rates on group health insurance plans. 

Group health benefit programs usually offer the advantage of being more affordable to individuals who sign up for coverage, which is why most businesses do work with providers to create some type of group health coverage option. One thing you may not know is that the healthier the employees are in your place of business, the lower their insurance rates can be. Some insurance providers will actually offer discounts if you implement health-related programs and get people to take advantage of them. The reasoning behind these discounts is the healthier the workforce is, the less medical care they will probably have to have overall. 

3. Get employees healthier and see fewer absences because of illness. 

A healthier workforce offers you the advantage of fewer illness-related absences, which means the healthier the workforce is, the more reliable your workforce will be on a daily basis. Even though the collateral benefits of implementing health-conscious programs can be long-term, these are definitely not benefits that should be ignored. For example, people who lose weight in a weight-loss program offered at work may be less likely to miss work because they are overall more fit and healthy. 

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