Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Small Business Safety: 4 Fire Extinguishers Ideal For Businesses

by Penny Ferguson

Every business needs to have a fire extinguisher. You might think this is as easy as purchasing the first fire extinguisher you see. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Not all fires are the same. Depending on your business, may need to have a specific type of fire extinguisher.

So what are some common types of fire extinguishers for commercial businesses? Here are four:

1. Water and Foam

One of the most common types of fire extinguishers used in both homes and businesses is the water and foam variety. As you might expect, this type of fire extinguisher uses water and foam to put out the flames. Ideal for paper and plastics, this type of fire extinguisher is a great addition to any office building. However, this type of fire extinguisher should not be used on electronics as it could cause deadly shock damage.

2. Powder

Another good option is the powder fire extinguisher. As the name suggests, this type of extinguisher uses powder to eliminate the fire. Safe and effective for many different types of fire, this is a good extinguisher to have on hand. It's multi-purpose use ensures that your building – and the people inside it – always remain safe. However, it is not ideal for many types of fire so it should be reserved as a backup option.

3. Carbon Dioxide

A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is a great addition to any office. These type of extinguishers use carbon dioxide to smother the fire. Designed for use on electrical fires, these extinguishers are a must for computer and tech businesses. Plus, since carbon dioxide doesn't leave a residue, cleanup is easy.

4. Wet Chemical

Finally, a wet chemical fire extinguisher is a must have for any business with a kitchen. Since kitchen fires are typically caused by oils and fats, you'll need a heavy duty extinguisher that can handle the rapid spread of fire. Wet chemical fire extinguishers do just that by cooling the burning fats or oil to eliminate the flames. Even better, the chemicals in these fire extinguishers bond with the oil or fat to form a soapy solution to ensure the fire doesn't return.

As you can see, there are many different types of fire extinguisher. All of these are suitable for use in businesses. Depending on the business you own, you might want to have one or all of these types of extinguishers in your building. Click this link for more information.


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