Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Own A Trucking Company? 2 Tips To Keep Your Drivers Safe

by Penny Ferguson

If you own a trucking company you need to ensure that you take steps to keep your drivers safe while they are out on the road delivering your goods. There is always a threat of theft, as well as harm to your drivers as they are driving. Below are two things you can do to prevent these things from happening so you can have a successful business.

Install GPS Units

You should install a GPS unit in all your trucks. If your driver has problems, such as someone breaking into a truck, they can call your company and then your company can pinpoint exactly where the truck is located. This allows you to contact the local police to get the truck quickly.  GPS units can also help your drivers as they can use the unit to get them to their destination without getting lost.  

There are different types of GPS units you can choose. One type is a laptop that runs GPS software and is generally connected via Bluetooth to a GPS receiver.  Truck specific GPS units are also available. These GPS units work much like what you will find on the market but they have other features. For example, one feature helps your drivers identify and avoid restricted routes, as well as find points of interests (POI) so they can find local truck stops much easier.

Some truck GPS units will remind the driver when it is time to have maintenance done on the truck, records mileage, as well as records how long the trucker has have been driving.

Install Videos

For added security, you should consider installing videos with a live feed along with the GPS units in all your trucks. With the video, your company can monitor the truck for exact location as the GPS can, but it can also monitor who enters the truck and what is being removed or loaded. Some video systems can lock down the truck, such as locking all doors, if they think someone is breaking into the truck.

Video systems will keep your driver safe as they are driving. This is because the system alerts drivers when they drift to another lane, when they follow a vehicle too closely, and when a backing collision is imminent.

In most cases, forward facing units are installed in trucks. These consist of a black cylinder that has a camera on one side and buttons or some type of controls on the other. The video system is connected to the truck's telematics system.

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