Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

A Private Investigator Can Reveal These Problems In Your Workplace

by Penny Ferguson

When many people think of a private investigator, they think about someone who conducts surveillance to reveal that a spouse is engaging in an affair. While such activities are a big part of the work conducted by private investigators, you can also turn to these experts in surveillance and subtlety if you're the owner of a business. A wide selection of potential issues can threaten to create serious problems in your workplace, ranging from problems with your workforce to things that affect your productivity. You can hire a private investigator to enter your workplace posing as a customer or even an employee — and he or she will gather intel that you can't get yourself. Here are some issues that a PI can reveal.


Employers need to take harassment issues, whether physical, verbal or sexual, of their staff very seriously. Unfortunately, such problems can be a tale of "he said, she said" if there are no supporting witnesses on either side. It can be difficult for you to get to the bottom of what is happening, but a private investigator can help. By embedding himself or herself with your staff, the PI can obtain details that suggest whether harassment is indeed going on. The investigator can even document some of these incidents with a hidden camera or microphone to provide support in your investigation.

Employee Theft

While you can often rely on your workplace's security cameras to identify theft issues caused by customers, it can be more difficult to catch thieving employees in the act. This is partly because they often know the location of the cameras and can move out of sight when they commit theft. Private investigators are masters of discreet surveillance, which can allow them to witness theft issues. You don't necessarily have to have a retail business for theft issues to threaten your business. For example, employees might steal electronics such as computer monitors from your storage areas.

Electronic Threats

Many businesses can be targeted by hackers and other such individuals without being privy to the crimes. Many PI agencies specialize in electronic surveillance, which can help you in a number of ways. Simple things such as an employee gaining access to another employee's emails or confidential files, as well as more complicated issues such as outside parties hacking into your server to steal financial information or customer data, can all be caught by a private investigator.


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Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

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