Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Six Mistakes To Stay Away From When Applying Labels To Moving Boxes

by Penny Ferguson

One step of the moving process that can drastically simplify the task at hand is labeling your moving boxes.

If you label your boxes properly, you should quickly be able to situate your possessions in your new home. Ensure that your move is as convenient as possible by avoiding the following six labeling mistakes:

Forgetting to develop a system for handling fragile items

Properly the most important thing to distinguish on a moving box is whether or not it contains fragile items. You need to take more time with fragile items to avoid breaking them. 

As a first step, figure out how you're going to mark fragile items. You can purchase special labels or mark boxes of fragile items with a special color, for example. 

Neglecting to develop a system to label boxes by room

You need to develop a system so that you know where each box is going in your new home just by glancing at it.

Of course, this takes careful planning and organization before you even begin. If your new home is considerably larger than your old home, it might have more rooms and rooms that are larger.

Larger rooms of your home like your kitchen or living room might even need to be labeled to designate certain parts of the room like in the closet or out in a particular cabinet. 

Forgetting to remove old labels before you get started

If you're reusing boxes, they may have old labels on them that could confuse you during the move. Take the time to cover or cross out any old writing or labels on your boxes to avoid confusion. 

Not taking advantage of the convenience of color coding

Color coding is probably the best thing to do when you're labeling boxes because it's easy to distinguish color labels from a distance.

If there aren't enough colors for all the rooms of your home, you can at least distinguish a color for upstairs versus downstairs or bathrooms versus bedrooms. 

Using markers and labels that don't show up very strongly from a distance

It's a good idea to buy new supplies like markers for your move to make sure that they'll produce dark and highly visible marks. Purchase items like markers, labels, and colored tape along with your boxes to be fully prepared for your move. 

Being indecisive during the move

A lot of people start second guessing themselves about arranging items in their new home while they're in the middle of the move. It's best to suspend decision making at least until you've gotten all your possessions relocated and you're settled in.

If you're indecisive during the move, you'll waste precious time and draw out the already tiresome task of moving. For more moving supplies and information, contact a company like


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