Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Don't Toss Those Desiccant Packets: 4 Nifty Ways To Put Them To Use

by Penny Ferguson

Have you ever tried to figure out what to do with those little desiccant packs you find in packages? If you're like most people, you just toss them in the trash with the rest of the packaging material. However, you should be saving them. Those desiccant packs have a lot of useful purposes – in the house, storage unit, and garage. Here are just four of the things you can use desiccant packs for.

Protect Your Storage Items

If you're going to be putting something in storage, you want to make sure it's protected against the elements – especially moisture. That's where the desiccant packs come in handy.


Important papers and family photographs can be destroyed by moisture. Placing a desiccant pack in each box will help dry up the moisture before it can cause damage.


If you've got wood furniture in storage, place a few desiccant packs in each drawer. The packs will keep the moisture away from the wood, which will help preserve the wood.


If you're worried about moisture damage inside your stored vehicles – including motorhomes – simply toss a few desiccant packs inside the passenger compartment.

Avoid Rusty Tools

If you keep your tools outside, moisture can cause severe rust and oxidation. Once that happens, you'll have to either toss the tools, or work like crazy to clean them. You can protect your tools from rust and oxidation by placing several desiccant packs inside the toolbox. If you have a multi-compartment toolbox, place packs inside each individual compartment for maximum protection.

Extend the Life of Your Shavers

If you're tired of tossing out rusty shavers – after only using them once or twice – it's time to bring on the desiccant packs. Place a few packs in a plastic container and set it on your bathroom counter. When you're done using your shaver, place it in the container, blade down. The desiccant packs will dry your shaver and remove the excess moisture from under the blades.

Preserve Your Flowers

If you enjoy drying your special-occasion flowers, but hate how long the process takes, you need to use desiccant packs. The packs will speed up the process, which will also help preserve the appearance of your dried flowers. Place your flowers in a plastic bag and add several desiccant packs. Seal the bag and leave it alone until the flowers are dried.

The next time you find desiccant packs in your packaging material, don't toss them out. Save them to use around the house. A company like Interteck Packaging can tell you more. 


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