Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Strike Security Team to Protect Your Property and Employees

by Penny Ferguson

When labor negotiations have broken down and a strike has been called for, you need to have security for your plant and the employees who are not walking a picket line. Whether it is a union sanctioned strike, a wildcat strike, or protests over a plant closing, a professional strike company offer many advantages over a general security service for hire or relying on your own company's security staff. The following are three of the most critical advantages to consider.

They have knowledge of the law

The security staff who work during strikes are taught all of the applicable laws for the specific work they are doing. Tension can run very high, and it is important the security personnel know when strikers have crossed a legal line. Private sector workers have a right to strike, but there are certain rules they must follow. Things such as where the strikers are allowed to form a picket line as well as the manner they can protest is critical for a security staff to understand in order to provide safety for employees and company property.

They have specialized training

When you hire the services of a strike staffing company, you will be using personnel that has been trained in all of the common scenarios that can develop with strikers and other protesters. This knowledge can often lead to defusing a situation that would otherwise get out of control with security officers who have no experience. This specialize training extends to handling large groups of people, whereas most security officers are used to dealing with only one or two problem individuals.

They are mentally prepared

A strike staffing company begins by screening out certain individuals that do not have the aptitude for this type of specialized security work. Many of these strike security workers are subject to verbal abuse, and they must be able to ignore this and focus on their job. Another aspect of professional striker security is the level of experience. Even with all of the specialized training and knowledge of the law, when a situation develops, security guards must be able to react quickly and appropriately without the hesitation that can come from inexperience.

Although there are never any guarantees that no problems will develop during a strike, when you are using the services of a strike staffing company, the probability of a serious issue of violence diminishing, especially from the security force. It is best to begin the process of setting up the services in advance of a strike. A staffing company like Modern Staffing & Security can help determine how large of a security force you will need.


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