Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

How To Make Telecommuting Work At Your Company

by Penny Ferguson

Making telecommuting work at your company isn't as easy as it may sound. On the face of it, transforming your office into one that supports telecommuting simply entails allowing some of your staff to work from home either part of the time or all of the time. However, as many companies have discovered too late, a lot of complications come bubbling to the surface when you start to consider all the details that are involved with telecommuting.

Problems With Telecommuting

There are many potential problems associated with telecommuting. Some of the common problems inherent in making telecommuting work at a company are:

  • How to physically accommodate telecommuters when they need to collaborate in person with colleagues
  • How to enable secure connectivity from multiple virtual home offices
  • How to manage workflow
  • How to regulate telecommuter communication back to the physical office and with clients

These are all real problems that need to be solved. 

Solutions for Making Telecommuting Work at Your Company

Technology has made it possible to solve most of the problems related to making telecommuting work. To minimize complications, it helps to sort out the following solutions before fully instituting a telecommuting policy within an organization. Some solutions include:

  • Utilizing meeting booking software to book meeting desks and rooms for collaboration between "visiting" telecommuters and office personnel and/or clients; you can click here for more info on meeting booking software.
  • Implementing a company intranet with two-factor identification login accessibility for telecommuters who need to access company digital files
  • Engaging a digital workflow in real time by subscribing to an online project management dashboard service
  • Instituting amendments to the employee manual with provisions that cover company expectations for timeliness and frequency of communication from telecommuters

Standards of Telecommuting

The key to making telecommuting work at your company is to have standards that every employee can adhere to.  In this way, employees and management can be confident that everyone is on the same page. When everyone in the organization has the tools necessary to successfully work as a telecommuter or with office telecommuters, the company can continue to work as seamlessly as ever. Standards in software, training, and expectations help to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to telecommuting.

Telecommuting can be a cost-effective and morale-boosting strategy, or it can decimate a company's culture and profit margin. The difference between companies that succeed with telecommuting and those that don't is the ability to discern problems, implement solutions, and standardize the entire process. 


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