Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Becoming A Business Owner: Entrepreneurship 101

Adopt These Tips When You Use A Box Truck On Moving Day

by Penny Ferguson

Renting a box truck for a do-it-yourself move gives you the right type of vehicle for transporting your possessions from one home to another. The size of the box truck rental and the volume of the items you need to move will dictate how many trips you have to make, but regardless of whether you're taking one trip or three, you want to be sure that your goods stay secure throughout the move. Using the available supplies from the rental company, such as padded blankets and straps, can help to keep your cargo secure. Here are some other tips to keep in mind as you load the truck.

Alternate Soft With Hard

The manner in which you load the box truck with your possessions should be highly structured. One useful way to go about this task to protect your items is to place hard items next to soft items, and repeat this pattern throughout the truck. When you drive the truck, the vibration can cause items to rub together. If two hard items, such as a table and a desk, are beside each other, they can get scratched or otherwise damaged. However, if you place a mattress on end between the two, for example, you won't have to worry about this form of damage occurring.

Pack Things Tightly

It might seem tempting to leave open spaces in the back of the truck to allow you to navigate the area, but any voids can be problematic when you drive. Whether you're turning or braking suddenly, things can shift in the truck and potentially get damaged. You can minimize this risk by packing things as tightly as possible. Push your possessions firmly against one another, using sheets of cardboard, bubble wrap or padded blankets placed between them to avoid any damage. When things are packed tightly, there will be very little movement as you drive.

Load Hazardous Items Last

When you're going through the process of loading the truck, it's useful to identify any possessions that could pose a risk to other things you own. These could be items that have sharp corners, for example. A good strategy is to load these last. This will mean that they're the first things to be unloaded when you arrive at the new home. Doing so gets them out of the way immediately, which lessens the risk to your other items. For example, if something sharp is placed in the middle of the box truck, it could be easy for someone to unload this item and scratch another of your possessions that hasn't yet been unloaded in the process.


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